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Shark UltraCyclone™ Pet Pro+ cordless handheld vacuum CH951C


The Shark UltraCyclone™ Pet Pro+ is a cordless handheld vacuum designed for powerful suction and long-lasting motor life. Enjoy incredible power and performance with a motorized self-cleaning Pet Power Brush that eliminates hair wrap on the brushroll, a lithium-ion battery, a no-mess CleanTouch™ dirt ejector, washable filter, an XL dust cup, and more, at only 2.8 lbs.

SKU: CH951C sharkclean_ca_CH951C
  • Two ultra-powerful cyclonic air streams for incredible suction and long-lasting filter and motor life
  • Detachable self-cleaning Pet Power Brush eliminates hair wrap from the floor, upholstery, and the brushroll
  • Features an XL dust cup to tackle big jobs
  • Lightweight and portable at only 2.8 lbs.
  • Contains a washable filter for easy cleanup
  • CleanTouch™ dirt ejector for easy, hands-free debris disposal
  • Lithium-ion technology ensures reliable performance during each use
  • Comes with a crevice tool and scrubbing brush clean hard-to-reach places and remove stuck-on dirt
Amperage 8 amps
Wattage 80 watts
Voltage 10.8 volts
Dust Cup Capacity 0.43 L
Filter Type Fabric Filter
Has LED’s Yes
Product Length 52.8 cm
Product Width 9.9 cm
Product Height 10.9 cm
  • Detachable self-cleaning pet power brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Not Charging – If the wrong charger is used, the light will blink five times and then stop. Use the included charger.

  • Fully Charged – When the vacuum is fully charged, the indicator light will illuminate steadily, then turn off. (It takes approximately 6 hours for a full charge).

  • Low Battery – If the light flashes quickly while the unit is in use, the battery power is low. Recharge the unit.

  • Vacuum Charging – To charge the vacuum, connect charging cord to unit and plug into wall outlet. The light will fade in and out slowly as the vacuum charges.

  • Low Battery – Press the power button. If the unit doesn’t turn on, then the battery power is too low. Please charge before use.

  • Empty the dust cup.

    The filters are not installed correctly. Remove filters, then reinstall them.

    A filter has a hole or a puncture and needs to be replaced.

    An obstruction may be blocking the dust cup lid, keeping it from closing correctly. Clear any obstructions and ensure the lid is completely closed.

  • Dust cup is full. Empty the dust cup.

    Filters need cleaning or replacement. Clean or replace the filters.

    Vacuum needs to be recharged.

  • The metal contact pins on the motorized brush are not in contact with the connector slots on the vacuum. Remove the motorized brush and reinsert firmly into the air-intake nozzle. The motorized brush is blocked. Carefully remove all lint, hair, or other debris from the motorized brush.

  • Battery needs to be recharged. Lithium-ion battery takes approximately 6 hours to charge completely. Try using a different electrical outlet to charge.